{"title":"Our experience and success rates","short_description":"I\u015f\u0131n Lazer, which rises rapidly in stainless steel industry, is among the reliable suppliers of industrialists.Established by leading names in the industry, the company processes stainless steel products for use in different areas and offers them to the service of industrialists.Stainless steel imported from abroad is processed and furnished with semi-finished products in its facilities equipped with modern technology.I\u015f\u0131n Lazer offers stainless steel, sheet, roll, rod, profile, lama, angle and fitting products for 304, 316, 321, 430 quality imported from various countries to Turkish industrialists.In addition to the developments in technology; I\u015f\u0131n Lazer closely monitors the needs of industrialists, constantly renewing the machine park.With its wide product range and high-capacity storage unit, the company aims to meet the different needs of industrialists in the fastest way possible. I\u015f\u0131n Lazer, which enriches the machine park with stainless steel, sheet bending, scissors cutting and laser cutting units, also continuously enlarges its service network.Stainless steel products are used all over the world as well as our country is expanding continuously; I\u015f\u0131n Lazer, is launching new doors to the industrialists with its R & D studies, offering new products.Manufacturing for a wide range of industries including petrochemical, marine, textile machinery, automotive industry, food industry, industrial machinery and industrial, I\u015f\u0131n Lazer brings solutions for industrialists in all fields ranging from raw material procurement to finished and semi-finished product production.","description":""}